Good Words about the Campaign

Below are e-mails that provide positive comments about the platform. 


2006-07-18a07`Thanks for bringing up prisons'Beverly

Beverly Cobb

Thank you for raising the prison sentence reform issue in the debate Sunday night. You raised several valid and overlooked points. Good Luck!


Believe it or not, I did not write this one:

2006-07-16p01`I will be voting your way'Sheliah

I just watched the WSB debate from yesterday. I wish it could be replayed in 'prime time' so more Georgia voters could get the opportunity to watch. I am really impressed on your stand on issues that are important to Georgia. I am a long time Democrat, but had really considered voting for Sonny Perdue until I watched the debate. Both Taylor & Cox have irritated me so much with their mud slinging that I refuse to vote for either...ever!! But I apologize to you that I have been a lazy citizen & not investigated your stand on issues until I watched the debate. I will be voting Bolton on 071806 & will talk about you as much as possible. I agree so much with the "2nd class" (maybe we can call it 2nd tier) medical care to free up our emergency rooms for true emergencies. I agree we need to get out of the God-nation mentality. And, no water shouldn't be taken from some to serve others. And I agree with your stance on those Deibold voting machines!!!

Again, I will be voting your way Tuesday and I hope other Democrats like me watched the debate & saw for themselves how your answers made was much sense.. and not give their vote to Perdue because of Taylor's & Cox's nonsense.
Sheliah Warren
Forest Park GA

This one has a lot of his personal history:

2006-07-16p03`You have my vote'ArmedSvc

Mr. Bolton,

I am an Atlanta native who spent two years in the US Armed Services to finance my college education and returned to Atlanta in 2000. A while ago, I accepted a job offer from The Georgia Tech Alumni Association. I was excited to be affiliated with GT and always admired the institution and many of its graduates. I mistakenly assumed that GT grads were bright in all aspects, including political and social views. Unfortunately, I rarely encounter GT Alumni that share my political views. I am thrilled you are running for Governor! I am also thrilled TiVo recorded the debate you participated in, for I wouldn’t have learned of you otherwise.

I hoped I would encounter many opportunities to be proud of my GT affiliation. You have offered one of the rare occasions for which I am PROUD.

Thank you and good luck on Tuesday. You have my vote and I’ll spend the next three days spreading your clearly defined (thank you) platform.

Unfortunately I am not comfortable providing my name—I’ve created too many ‘waves’ at work already!!

Her answer is on the site. 

2006-07-14a07`Alpharetta Bonds'Urban

Mr. Bolton;

I watched your the Gov's debates the other day and was impressed by your ideas.

You mentioned something about the Atlanta Station being funded by Tax Allocation Districts and the subsequent problems with municipalities being saddled by bond debt. I didn't quite understand that comment. As you know, the city of Alphretta has a similar initiative on its ballot this year. Do you have anything that expounds upon this issue?


This one is longer than long, but Scott is a great political analyzer.

2006-07-13p09`Ga Tech Student in Albany, Great Ideas'Scott

Hi Bill,

First off, thank you for taking the time to come to Albany, GA on the 12th to take the stage with the other 3 Democrats running for GA Governor. I did get a chance to visit your site for further explination of your platform and I have to say that some of your ideas have great merit and were refreshing.

I myself graduated from GA Tech in 2003, so on that level I can relate. I am not however a registered Democrat (nor am I a registered Republican... nor Libertarian.. nor etc.). So within the realm of Party Bylaws I am somewhat alien.

While the chances of you winning this election year are about 1:(infinity).  I do applaud both you and McCarley for getting out there and trying. Mac definetly was the highlight of the night with his unique charm.

If I might make a suggestion, go ahead and choose which office you'd like to run for now, even if it is 2-4 years away and start making noise (and raising funds). Every other political candidate will be, why not you? Personally I think you have a greater chance at winning on the local county/city level than you do at a statewide level. Why? Simple, you're far too radical for GA right now and considering that over half of it's population is squarely cemented into far right conservative points of view, you'll automatically shut them out when you reach topics like abortion and same-sex marriages. Even if you were to tap the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual community, you'd find even greater division in what they desire and would likely loose votes to the prefered party candidate in that race. People see and people respond. Cox and Taylor know that. After the debate, the local station covering it, WALB made it seem like Cox and Taylor were the only two candidates, though they did give you and McCarley recognition for being there. To highlight your clip - it focused soely on giving cars to kids. You're fighting an uphill media battle, but that doesn't mean youcan't use the resources you have effectively. For starters, make your website look like it's from a serious competator. If you have to use a sitemaker from Homestead, then your site is going to look like it cost $5 and voters will recognize that. Am I saying that you should go into bankrupcy to win an election? No. But don't look like you're already there. Want streaming video? Use It's free and works on multiple platforms. The answers are out there, as a Tech student the most valuable lesson your probably learned was that it's not how much money you've got, it's how much drive and determiniation to research, learn and apply that counts.

As an aid, to counter questions about the 10 commandments, you might consider posing this question to individuals/groups. Which version of the 10 Commandments does the State recognize as the true 10 Commandments? Does it recognize the Hebrew, Catholic or Protestant numbering/deliniation? Does it recognize the first set that was destroyed or the second set Moses brought down? Both versions are found in Exodus.

When they state that the 10 Commandments were a founding document you can easily retort that Jefferson, the drafter of our founding documents, said that the 10 Commandments could not be used as a basis of our government. In fact, only two elements from the 10 Commandments are found and observed by our government; do not kill and do not steal. Though we do make allowances for killing under certain conditions and even stealing if it is needed to survive.

Like I stated earlier, you do have some refreshing ideas. Though I may not agree with them I am glad that you decided to toss your hat into the ring. If nothing else, you bring attention to some important topics. You give voice to the issues often overlooked by those who are in the system.

Have a great day!



2006-07-12p11`Hi, about Albany debates, modify bbgov'Mr. England


I am a recent (legal) immigrant from England.

I just saw the debate on TV.

Some points.
I thought your ideas are very logical
I think America needs to seperate state & religion
I would like to see more of your views on

The 2 "main" canditates were pure
politicians - side stepped questions or
gave different answers.
How can I put this politely....

The website at the momemnt
comes across too strong as anti
government and anti religion.
I don't think you mean this.

Anyway, I wish you good luck on you campaign as you seem like a sincere and honest person.