Bill Bolton for Governor
Democratic Primary July 20, 2010

List of Platform Issues

---- Items on Business Card; ----
Remove all loopholes stopping rich thieves*;
Pay churches for law, computers, teen-time*;
Allow no taxation for money to poor*;
Provide computers for handicapped*;
Legislate different types of marriages;
Encourage responsible abortions;
Create Competing HS curriculums;
Provide free mass medical tests; 
Expand MARTA rail; 
Control our borders;
Prepay prison sentences;
Protect unionizing;
Protect environment;
---- Additional Items; ----
Remove all Diebold Voting Machines;
Stop the GOD Nation;
Revive the JJ Nation;
Make church/faith based laws generic;
Stop Hopeless Prison Sentences;
Lead Democrats back to the JJ Nation;
Teach court rules in HS;
Stop political loopholes to the rich*;
Try protecting jobs with tariffs;
Allow charitable deductions;
Provide 2nd class health care;
Allow interest deductions;
Provide light YDCs;
Collateralize debts; 
Control monopolistic interests;
Assist candidates; 
Allow prisoners to vote;
Evaluate prosecutors;
Educate prisoners;
Limit capital punishment;
Teach several religions;
Stop religious ostracizing;
Reform Social Security;
Reform tax code;
Increase minimum wage;
Change Iraq war mission;
Replace rifle policy;
Legalize responsibility marriages;
Distribute taxes only after collection;
Replace Tax Deductions with Deflected Incomes;
Separate Child's Taxation from Parent's;
Bill Bolton:
Born in Toledo OH,
Third grade in DeKalb County,
Three Georgia Tech engineering degrees,

Additionally: involved with computers all his life which led into engineering modeling, teaching, and accounting and tax accounting. Also, been involved in law and has passion to have teens learn court procedures and law research.