Words to Say

When you are selling BBGov, say what is in your heart.  Your reason might be is that Bill is the best of the worst.  Only your heart knows. 

However, for assistance, below are some ideas:

"Budget Bill"
I am running for Governor of Georgia and am wanting to remove all loopholes and have accountability of how our money is spent.
There are two forces at hand:

GOD Nation -- The GOD Nation has no respect for a balanced budget, our local churches, and our local schools.  This is evidence by their putting "under God" in our allegiance, relegating our nation to a stepping stone for their world take-over. 

JJ Nation -- The JJ in JJ Nation stands for Jefferson Jackson, two of our earliest leaders wanting individual strength and independence to make for a strong nation.  Please note, Jefferson was opposed to slavery, in spite of having slaves, and was a religious man. 

The defining term is "civil liberty" and was ever so defined when Daddy Bush (R) in the US 1988 presidential election said to his opponent, DuKakis (D), he is a card carrying ACLU member.  Daddy Bush is the king of the GOD Nation, and what he was looking for are sheep-le, not thinkers. 

I want our nation and our Democratic party to get back to the principles of the JJ Nation and want our party to encourage members of the GOD Nation to leave.